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Valiant Emissaries Transcending Service

Valiant Emissaries Transcending Service...Our VETS have served our country Valiantly, and selflessly over the years. Emissaries, Transcending the exemplary Service that upholds the very freedoms we all have come to enjoy, and expect in this country. Assimilating back into our society after their courageous service has been a major struggle for many VETS.

There are good organizations out there to help stem the tide of their struggles but is it enough? With each passing year it seems more and more VETS seem to be falling through the cracks.

WE NEED YOU! Our goal is to form an organization made up of VETS, run by and administered for VETS. A place of like-minded VETS who understand all the challenges and issues they face each day, along with a complement of professionally trained VETS to help their brothers and sisters deal with the trials and tribulations they face when assimilating back into society.

But it won't happen without YOU! We are at the beginning of a grass-roots organization with an ultimate goal of establishing what we'll call...The VETS Quarters. From homes to hotels, and every type of establishment in between, our dream is that VETS finally have a place that they can call home, established all throughout the United States.

Want to help? Please go to our WebStore and donate. Want to get involved? Please email us or visit our Blog to find out more.

Never forget...It's because of what they did and currently do, that allows us the freedom to basically do whatever we want in America! "Freedom Ain't Free!" Don't you think it's about time we assist in serving them back?

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